Book series

Consumers, Tinkerers, Rebels

The People Who Shaped Europe

By Ruth Oldenziel and Mikael Hård

Released: December 2013 - Order your copy here.    Who has decided how Europeans have dressed and dwelled? Traveled and dined? Worked and played? Who, in fact, can be credited with the shaping of Europe? Certainly inventors, engineers, and politicians played their parts. But in the making of Europe, consumers, tinkerers, and


Building Europe on Expertise

Innovators, Organizers, Networkers

By Martin Kohlrausch and Helmuth Trischler

Released: April 2014 - order your copy here.    Focusing on experts in technology and science, Building Europe on Expertise delivers a new reading of European history. The authors show that modern Europe was built by experts using their unique knowledge to shape societies, set political agendas, and establish collaborations which proved


Writing the Rules for Europe

Experts, Cartels, International Organizations

By Wolfram Kaiser and Johan Schot

Released: November 2014  - order your copy here.    How have Europeans navigated cross-border technology issues over the last 150 years? Discover the people and institutions who wrote—and re-wrote—technology’s rules of engagement. And understand the processes of how, long before the EU took shape, the work of int


Europe’s Infrastructure Transition

Economy, War, Nature

By Per Högselius, Arne Kaijser and Erik van der Vleuten

Released November 2015   Europe’s Infrastructure Transition captures the conflicted story of European integration. We learn of the priorities set, the choices made in constructing infrastructure connections—within and beyond the continent. And we see how Europe’s infrastructure both united and divided people and places via


Communicating Europe

Technologies, Information, Events

By Andreas Fickers and Pascal Griset

Expected: Mid-2017   “What hath God wrought?” – these words, sent by Samual B. Morse via an eletromagnetic telegraph line from Washington D.C. to Baltimore on the 24th of May 1844, inaugurated the age of modern communication. Since then, modernity at large is asscociated with technologies of electronic communication and in


Europeans Globalizing

Mapping, Exploiting, Exchanging

By Maria Paula Diogo and Dirk van Laak

Published September 2016   Technology was key to European colonialism. Via technology, Europeans mapped non-European territories—and controlled the flow of people and resources, goods and information. Read stories of technologies introduced and creatively adopted. Discover how globalization as we know it differs from what Europeans on