In retrospective: Making Europe workshop III

6 December 2011

On October 14-15, 2011, the project teams of the Making Europe book series and the Virtual Exhibit spent two days in Geldrop (The Netherlands) to discuss their work in progress. The workshop was organized by the Foundation for the History of Technology.

During the workshop the authors and editors of the book series had the opportunity to comment in depth on each other’s work. Besides that they discussed the reviews of the six books.  Each book was reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. By and large, the experts received the books well and came out with interesting perspectives and suggestions for improvement.

The picture-editing of the book series was also on the workshop agenda. In collaboration with the authors, the picture editor has collected the first sets of pictures. Furthermore, the Virtual Exhibit team presented the state of the art of their project, and discussed various scenarios for the next phase of the Virtual Exhibit. In the coming months, the project enters its testing phase. You might receive an invitation to act as a guinea pig, and to be the first to test this online environment.

It is expected that the Making Europe book series will come out in three waves of two books each. The Technological Dramas and the Knowledge volume will be finished first, most likely followed by the volumes about Media and Infrastructure. The Governance and the Global World volumes will complete the series. The publication dates are not yet fixed. However, all books will be presented at the fifth Tensions of Europe conference, in Copenhagen (Denmark), 3-4 October 2012.