Europeans Globalizing: Mapping, Exploiting, Exchaning published

25 October 2016

Recently the fifth volume of the book series ‘Making Europe:Technology and Transformations, 1850-2000’ has been published. It concerns the book ‘Europeans Globalizing: Mapping, Exploiting, Exchanging’ that is written by Maria Paula Diogo and Dirk van Laak. The book shows how, via technology, Europeans mapped non-European territories—and controlled the flow of people and resources, goods and information. Read stories of technologies introduced and creatively adopted. Discover how globalization as we know it differs from what Europeans once intended.

Delivery of pre-ordered books

Palgrave Macmillan started dispatching the book to everyone who pre-ordered the book via the Foundation for the History of Technology. We learned that in some cases the pre-ordered books were accompanied by an invoice of Springer Verlag (Palgrave Macmillan is part of this company). This is of course not correct as the pre-ordered books were already paid via the Foundation for the History of Technology. In case you received an invoice of Springer with the book your pre-ordered via het Foundation for the History of Technology please let us know ( Palgrave is looking into this right now to find out what went wrong. Of course you can ignore the invoice.

Final volume expected mid-2017

At the moment we are finalizing the sixt and final volume of the book series. The book ‘Communicating Europe: Technologies, Information, Events’ will be published mid-2017 We will keep you updated.